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Hi all!

Here's my question for you:

A friend sent me a picture (jpg). I can double click on it and open it up with the Preview Application. I can view it perfectly fine.

However, when I click on the "Finder" Application and view the "Show Icon Preview," the picture appears to be much larger (say 70% more information).

For instance, if it was a picture of say the Empire State Building, the following would appear:

#1) In the Preview Application, you'd see the top of the building only... say the 85th floor to the top of the pinnacle tower.

#2) In the Finder's Show Icon Preview feature, you'd see the entire building from street level up to the top pinnacle (with the exact same file as in the first option above).

Thus, I am assuming that this file has been cropped and that the Preview Application is showing the cropped version and and the Finder's Show Icon Preview feature is somehow showing the entire picture non-cropped.

So my questions are:

*#1)* Do you know why this is?

*#2)* Is there a way to view the smaller icon preview picture in full size where it does not get cropped?

Thanks in advance!

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