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Originally Posted by eric View Post
well, it's more likley a dead hard drive than corrupted system files.

your options?

1) take it to an apple store and they can run the diagnostics you can't due to the lost disks. the end result will likley be you walking out with a new set of Leopard disks and a new HD in your mac and a hefty bill for the service.

2) buy a replacement set of disks from apple - i believe it should run you 40 bucks. run the diagnostics yourself - this will likely tell you your HD is shot. if so, go get a new one (they're pretty cheap now, about 150 bucks should get you 250 - 320 GB) and replace the failed one. it is blindingly easy to do, and instructions with pictures can be found on

Agh - exactly what I did not want. Losing all my junk! Well, thanks for the advice! I'll call an Apple store to get an estimate of the cost, which is probably hefty, like you said. Are all hard drives the same size and stuff, or will I need to get a specific type? I'll also need to buy some Leopard disks because I've lost the Tiger ones.
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