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Yesterday, Friday 13`th, I was working on the internet as usual on my
- DSL unlimited plan
- Macbook Pro w/ Mac OS 10.5 Operating System
- Siemens SL2_141 Modem

Suddenly at around 7PM, the sites were not opening anymore. I tried reconnecting, it got connected, got the IP but there was no data transfer. I tried restarting modem, the same thing happens.

Now, today I opened a virtual system, Parallels, to run Windows XP and connected as usual by creating a dial up connection, and its working fine. Data is being transferred both sides, all sites are opening fine.

Then on MacOS, I tried deleting the current connection profile and created a new one with same username/password but the problem is same. Again its getting connected but no Data transfer.

** By No Data transfer I mean, apps are sending request but there is no reply. For e.g Browsers give not found / timeout error .
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