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Thanks a lot to both of you guys. In fact, I might have said no If I didn't know what I was getting into, but my friend actually works only with routine stuff that no one would really pay attention to...I mean a hacker would not be interested in reading this kind of stuff. Although it is legal information, it is not really classified...he just wants to give his clients a bit of a better service.
I warned him I didn't know much about advanced web programming and security, but he said it didn't matter since he has a handful of clients with routine cases that no one would take advantage off even if they were published on a newspaper

So, getting back on track, it would seem I have to do some reading and learn about sessions from the start. I'll walk before running and come back here and bother you with some other questions once I know a little more.

Thanks a lot really -- you'll hear more about me and php soon I hope.

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