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Originally Posted by IanCT View Post
I'm not sure how you mean, as far as I can tell the setup parameters are the same, the iPhone asks for the Exchange Server host name, your username and password. Same as the Outlook client (sans password if on a domain).

I don't think you can sync shared calendars on an iPhone. I just checked mine and it doesn't show Public Folders either.
We have 3 Exchange servers each syncing with each other and handling different aspects (in this case OWA -- simply manages web access to the other 2 servers--, Students, Staff/Faculty. MS actually uses us as a model and supports us free of charge due to the fact that our Exchange system handles more than what MS designed it for, and they like keeping up on what difficulties we have.)

My iPod Touch automatically connected to the OWA server, which is not the same one that my Outlook Client uses. I was wondering if manually reconfiguring my iPod to use that server would sync the additional calendars and public folders. I did go ahead and try that, and it failed to connect, so apparently that idea won't work. My assumption from what you are telling me and my experiment is that it simply is not possible. I may have to contact Apple to suggest that as a future feature in another update. It would really be helpful in my work.
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