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Just curious as to what other systems Mac people play with... For me , the list is as follows

AMD K6-3 450/60GB/768RAM/W2K3
AMD A-XP 2000/512RAM/~400GB/Suse 9.2
AMD A-64 3200/1024MB/160GB/W-XP&Suse-64 Bual Boot

Octane R12K 300 Dual/ 3x36GB/ 1.5Gb RAM/ EXMI video/6.5.23f
Indigo2 R10K/18GB/768MB/Max Impact Gfx/6.5.23f
Indigo2 R4K/4.3GB/512MB/cheapo gfx/6.5.18f

Ultra5 360 / 512 RAM/Sol9
Ultra10 300 / 512RAM / Gentoo-SPARC

And soon, very soon, my precious..

A 2.0Dual G5 PM

I actually plan on shutting down every box but the PM and the A64.

Anyone interested in buying some SUN or SGI boxen?

Bubba out.
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