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Apple airport is verry expsensive. You will be fine sharing your internet connection as long as it is not to far appart and depending on how many obstructions there are inbetween the router and the wireless card. What kind of iMac? What kind of PC? There are 2 types of wireless that are mainstream. They are 802.11b and 802.11g. G has faster speeds and about the same distance as B. Although the speeds claimed by the box, B they say to be around 11mbps and G they say to be 54mbps, it is under perfect conditions and often arent obtainable. Either way they will be faster than your 1mbps connection. I am running a D-Link DI-624 which operates at a g level. I am very happy with this router, it is very user friendly and do not have any problems with it. My pc is wired to it with ethernet and my older iMac i am using an airport card although i have not bought it yet. One thing to keep in mind is if you have a cordless phone, it may interfere with the router. EG My router operates at a 2.4ghz spectrum and my phone is at a 900mhz. If they are the same everytime u pick up ur phone or get a call, your router will reset and you will loose connection temperarily. I would recomend hard wiring one of your computers as it will be easierto setup. Most routers these days also have a wired switch that allows for ethernet. Depending on where you live you will also want to setup some sort of security as it is not hard for people to connect to a wireless network without any security but that is for after you get it. You can look at to get some more specs about wireless routers and their picks.
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