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Originally Posted by morganm View Post
I have a 3 year old macbook, with Tiger OS X. I want to update the OS and I was wondering if I should go ahead and get Leopard or wait until whenever Snow Leopard comes out. I'm not in a huge hurry (Tiger is working Ok for me right now, just not great), but I don't want to wait forever. Also I'm a broke college student and I'm not sure how much Snow Leopard is going to cost. Any suggestions?
I have a Macbook like yours (same age anyway) and I am going to wait and see what Snow Leopard brings. I hope though, that Snow Leopard will support our Macbooks from 2006 that only runs 32-bit. I think it will be a big mistake by Apple to "discard" 2,5 year old computers because they can't be upgraded. I know that our computers will run fine with 10.4 and 10.5 but eventually we will bump into software that cannot run on our machines because the software needs 10.6 to run...
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