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Originally Posted by Cloudane
It's not just "good enough", but the best display I've seen. Have you actually stood the Powerbook and the Sony/HP models side by side and compared them?
I was ready to purchase the 15" G4 powerbook UNTIL I put it beside a sony vaio with x-brite. That stopped me dead in my tracks, as there is a major difference in quality between conventional LCD and the newer technologies. Then I noticed how many other laptops in the shop had more advanced screen technology.

As I mentioned, compared to other conventional LCD screens, the powerbook's screen looks great. Compared to a screen with x-brite/brightview its not even close to comparable. Simply put, the powerbooks conventional LCD is lagging behind current LCD technology, and is far from 'the best display' out there.

I'm not convinced yet that the price warrants less than the best screen display, especially since they average about $500 more than a similarily configured laptop with x-brite/briteview.
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