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So I'm standing on the edge of purchasing a new 15" powerbook, and one last caveat is in my way: the display. Will Apple ever introduce display technology better than conventional LCD?

Apple features conventional LCD
Sony models feature LCD with x-brite technology
HP/ Compac feature LCD with Brightview
Toshiba models feature TruBrite

This flash file demonstrates Sony's x-brite technology pretty well, but in short its two sources for lighting plus a display filter that looks like a sheet of glass in front of the LCD display. Conventional LCD has one source for output, and no filters between the LCD screen and your eyes.

What the difference is: Sharper contrast, brighter colors, whiter whites, blacker blacks. Sure, the powerbook display is good compared to any laptop with a conventional lcd screen, but compare it to a monitor/ x-brite/ briteview screen and you'll see the difference immediately. Play a DVD on each system for even more proof.

I sat in the computer store and ajusted the brighness/ contrast settings of a 15" G4 to no avail. I used the advanced calibration, but still couldn't get it even close to x-brite/briteview. I've been working on a Sony Vaio for the last five years and I'd hate to purchase a superior laptop (mac g4) with an inferior display (conventional LCD).

Any word on Apple upgrading the display technology to match its competitors?

(Yes, I know I'm going to get comments like: "conventional LCD looks fine", "It doesn't bother me", "it looks good enough" etc. But, for the price that Apple puts on its laptops, you'd expect more than conventional LCD.)
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