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to sync your shift roster from excel to ical i will go through all the steps because usually people on shift will not normally use word form letters etc.
1. prepare your data in Excel create column of dates and custom format colum yyyymmdd no forwad slash. only two other columns needed description and unique id

2.create a single event in ical and drag to your desk top and open with word.
3. delete last line END:VCALENDAR
4.find unique ID "UID:C8E07A3D-2D99-4BC3-AEA5-DD87162B8C300" and copy to excel column put any number at end of ID and add 1 to next column C8E07A3D-2D99-4BC3-AEA5-DD87162B8C301 create a uid for every date by dragging down from two created,
you data is now ready save excel sheet.
5 In word go to tools and open Data merge manager
a: Create "Form Letter"
b: Get Data Open Data source which is your excel file
C:The Merge fields appear
Drag date to this field and replase date in front of T with merge field DTEND;TZID=Europe/Dublin:«sdate»T010000
Descrition to this field
Now go to merge and click on merge to new document
new Doc is created
In new Doc go to edit replace to remove page breaks and do the following
in replace type ^b and in replace with box type the word break and hit the space bar once, this is important. Hit replace all . got to end of doc and replace the last line which should be the word break with END:VCALENDAR
Nearly there.
Edit Select all and copy to clip board. Go back to original .ics file and highlight all text and edit and paste over it.
close file and answer yes to any pop up, your saved file should be in word format with .ics extension. drag file into ical and it should import all data.
Best of luck hope this save you the aggro I had with this
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