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Here is the deal:

I have a new Mac Pro with 24'' Samsung screen. I am a graphic designer.

I hate the Mighty Mouse and got rid of it. I currently use a cheap Logitech that still cannot navigate smoothly in Leopard and is a burden to move on such a large screen. Mousezoom only helps with the speed. Currently, it has bad tracking and accuracy, although the speed is OK it still feels awkward to move. It just doesn't feel like a Windows mouse. I'm sure this all has to do with acceleration levels on a mac. I don't want to argue with anyone about how Mighty Mouse is great etc. I personally cannot stand the thing or how any (basic) mouse feels on Leopard.

Simply put: all I want is a mouse to feel like a mouse would on a Windows computer: fast, smooth, accurate.

My question is what mouse works best with a Mac Pro desktop? Logitech or Kensington? Those are the only brands I'm considering. Is a trackball better? I've heard that Kensington mouse software will replace the Apple acceleration levels so the mouse feels like a Windows mouse, is that true? I'm debating between Logitech MX Revolution or Kensington Expert Mouse trackball...among others.

Mouse can be wired and price is not a factor. Thank you very much in advance. This would solve a huge headache for me.
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