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Hello folks.

At home my MacBook is connected to an external monitor with the dock and desktop icons displayed on that (and not on the MacBook screen).

During the day, it is disconnected and taken to work, and my dock and icons are shown (obviously) on the MacBook display.

When I move between setups, my icons 'leave spaces / gaps' between each other and move away from the order I placed them in - I like them all in a line, and where I left them.

As an example: I have my 'backup' folder sat under my hard disk icon, and have a 'music' folder sat underneath that. All other icons are temporary and filed as and when. If I switch display setups, I'll find gaps in between the icons, and potentially the 'backup' and 'music' folders no longer directly under my hard disk icon.

Is there any way to completely 'lock' the icons to their place on the desktop?

Thanks in advance, to what I appreciate is a very trivial question... but it really bugs me.
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