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Originally Posted by jaster View Post
I hate to drag up an old thread, but i am in the same boat. I have a Canon HV30 Hi-def camcorder, yes i prefer tapes as a master storage medium. Having said that, if I am trying to edit HD video, how do i get the video from the HV30 to the macbook, without using firewire? I don't have a seperate firewire based machine to get the video onto an extrenal disk, so i would need to be able to get the video DIRECTLY from the HV30 to the macbook, is this possible? If so, once the video is on the macbook, would I be able to edit is using imovie, or fce, or would the macbook not be powerful enough to edit hd video smoothly? I am trying to decide whether i should go for a macbook or macbook pro, and this right here is my main deciding point.
I have the exact same camcorder, but I have an iMac, which has firewire. It took some messing around, but I did get the HV30 to work with the computer. So If you do get a pro, it should work. I used iMovie to edit the video and it was pretty slow, but I only have 1 GB ram and it was a 10 minute video clip.

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