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I woudn't worry too much about the screen warping problem. I mean granted I have the 14" model which apparently doesn't suffer from the problem but you also have to realize the nature of a message board. Most people are going to post questions regarding problems, not praise. With that said...

My wrists have gotten plenty bad from years of FPS games on my PCs. And when i first got my iBook I had a major problem getting used to the small keyboard. I was "fat-fingering" keys all the time and it got quite frustrating. However with usage I got plenty used to it. Now I find I type better on the iBook keyboard then on a fullsized model. As far as the similarities w/ the Apple keyboard you get with their desktop models, unfortunatly I couldn't say.

All in all give it a go. If you find your wrists still suffer using the iBook keyboard you can always use your ergnomic split kb and plug it into the USB port for extended usage.

Good luck and welcome aboard!
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