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My Mac is pretty much null & void as of right now. The Finder keeps quitting and then the whole computer freezes. So I decided to do an install of OS9 again.

I have the software restore cds, all four of them. Along with the install cds for OSX. I don't want to use OSX though since most of the applications that I have, won't work with it. I've followed the pdf that's on the CD1, where it says to reboot in OSX and then open up the .pkg file. I did that, but it wants a password and I don't have one! Then the box says that if I don't have a password, then to use the OSX install cd and I can reset the password from there. However, that doesn't happen since it wants me to restart so that it can start installing OSX.

So since I just want to install OS 9 all over again, is there any way that I can avoid the password thing?

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