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Hey all,

New forum user here -- great thing you guys have going on! Hurrah for geeky communities!

I'm in the market (like, today or tomorrow) for a little 12" apple notebook. It wouldn't be my primary computer (which, incidentally, is broken right now -- but they keep promising me that a new motheboard is on the way!), but rather something I would take around to cafes and things like that -- mostly a portable workstation. No heavy graphics editing; no gaming; nothing really huge at all. As much as I use my computer, I don't put much if any load on it.

So, an iBook seems to makes sense to me, given that, while not as sexy as the powerbooks, it's $500 cheaper, and I don't really need the extra power or big hard drive (though of course, they'd be nice). But reading these threads about screens warping, as a recent poster said, makes me nervous. These threads also mention that iBooks are "buggy" -- can someone explain what kinds of bugs new iBooks tend to come with?

A main issue to me, though, is the keyboard. I have wrist problems, and when I use a computer at work or home, I have an ergonomic split keyboard plugged in to it. Of course, laptops don't have ergonomic keyboards (so sad! I wish they would!), but one reason I'm looking at getting a mac is that I've found I can type for the longest with the least pain on a mac keyboard. I guess it's just short key travel (a shallow keyboard) and easy key action, but it's beautiful.

BUT, I've never tried typing on an iBook. Does anyone know if they keyboards are significantly different between the two models, or how they compare?

Thanks a lot!
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