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All right. I'm trying to work with custom views a little and this is confusing me.

I created the custom view and wrote the files, and this is my app controller calling a method on an object of my custom class:

- (IBAction)fillBoxes:(id)sender {
	float topCircleValue = [topCircle floatValue];
	float bottomCircleValue = [bottomCircle floatValue];
	NSLog(@"We're in! %f", topCircleValue);
	[leftFillBox drawFillWithSliderValue:topCircleValue];
	[rightFillBox drawFillWithSliderValue:bottomCircleValue];
left and rightFillBox are my objects of class CustomView. Here's my CustomView.h file:

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@interface CustomView : NSView {


- (void)drawFillWithSliderValue:(CGFloat)sliderValue;

And .m file:

#import "CustomView.h"

@implementation CustomView

- (void)drawFillWithSliderValue:(CGFloat)sliderValue {
	int sliderValueWholeNumber = (int)sliderValue;
	NSLog(@"%d", sliderValueWholeNumber);
	NSColor* red = [NSColor redColor];
	[red set];
	NSRect selfTest = [self bounds];

        NSLog(@"%@", NSStringFromRect(selfTest));
All of the NSLog's are behaving exactly as they should. My objective is to get it to draw a rect using the bounds with the height coordinate replaced with sliderValueWholeNumber, but I can't even get this simple test to work. Every time, nothing. It's not filling the custom view area with red. What am I doing wrong?
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