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Originally Posted by Johnpb View Post

Im interested also to see how Windows 7 works on it. I put Win 7 on a 1.2 ghz Pentium Friday and it runs pretty well. Thanks for the comments and the welcome.
if you want to run it inside OS X (i prefer this over separate boot) than you will have to choose between Paralells or VMware Fusion. without starting a war about which is better i will say that i run one of them on my iMac and one on my Macbook and i prefer VMware but you can do your own research.

FYI - Windows 7 runs great inside OS X on one of those choices.

i like the ability to install and run any software so i always have XP (Lite version) running along side OS X. i use OS X 99% of them time but like the option for a windows programs like DVDFab for example.

here is a snapshot of my desktop:

i did do a little customizing of the XP theme to make it look better but other than that it is just XP and VMware Fusion.

being that you are new i just thought i would share this with you as it usually interest people that have switched.

good luck and i am sure you will find all your answers on this great forum.

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