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constant streaming of the same crap on the tv over and over and over and over and over and over again isnt productive either. all it does is serve to force the ideas into peoples heads that things just might be ok with something different, it is nothing more than a facade.

when 9/11 went down, i was in class. it was a day i was actually trying to pay attention in class. but when the planes hit the tv's came on and we got to hear the same thing over and over and over again the entire day. i told them to shut the f'en things off so i could learn something in school. if i actually gave a crap what happened in ny i could look it up on the internet later.

but yeah, i'm a total ray of sunshine. mostly cause i live in the lower caste of america and understand how things really work in this country. like having to worry about going to jail cause you cant afford to pay child support because there are no freakin jobs cause we lay off 500,000 people every year and still import another 140,000 every month. i pay attention to the crap that actually matters in this country. the crap that noone seems willing to change cause they would rather follow ideals that a new thing proposes but will likely never follow through.

welcome to the divided states of embarrasment.
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