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Mac Specs: dual boot macbook running leopard and winxp

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I've had my macbook 6 months now: its dual boot with leopard on one partition and winxp on the other. All is well, but I'd appreciate advice on backing up.

I'd like to be able to backup the whole machine to an external hard drive. My criteria for a backup system are:
(1) backup BOTH (windows and leopard) partitions on my macbook;
(2) backup incremental changes (ie not dumping the whole file system every time)
(3) a backup that can be read by other OSs as an external drive (e.g. windows, linux).

Initial digging suggests that time machine can do (2), but fails on (1) and (3). Does anyone know if there tweaks for time machine that can allow it to satisfy (1) and (3)? Else alternative backup systems that can meet all three criteria.

Or am I just too demanding?

Many thx
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