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Can we share the same movies ? Yes - When you plug in your iPod, click it under devices, and under "movies" press sync all or click the videos you want.

Can I transefer the downloaded content to a different computer ( PC ) - Not really, everytime you plug it in your iTunes transfer to your iPod, the only way to get it vis-versa is really when you buy apps. on the iTouch, it adds it to your library.

I have backed up the content to a ext hard drive but have not tried to import into my new laptop.

Is there a guide to using itunes ? There's a guide to everything =] Check google.

Is it possible to create DVDS from the movies downloaded from I tunes. If you know about videos, I believe you can drag and drop the video onto your desktop, from there on you need a cd burner and the rest is pretty much self-explanatory. This im not 100% sure of since I haven't personally bought movies or anything off iTunes.

Will the I pod play movies downloaded from a different location? ONLY if they're in your iTunes file, if you want to know if they are, go on iTunes and click "movies" on the side. Anything there will be automatically synced onto your iPod (If you have it checked).

If so are there any other good sites. Google is a wonderful tool

I tunes store has very limited childrens movies. It has what it can get=]

Apple - Support - iTunes - Apple iTunes help, videos and all.

Videora iPod Converter Download - Rip videos from youtube/ convert files to the right ext. for iPods. iPod * & *iTunes For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)): Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes: Books -- Book, iTunes for dummies.

Good Luck!
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