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Originally Posted by Zoolook View Post
Can I ask exactly what the funds would be used for? I am assuming that the advertising and sponsorship covers the cost of the hosting, and the admin/mods give their time voluntarily.

Also, isn't there a danger of this becoming a little clique. It's one thing to make people MOTM for their behavior and contributions, and another thing entirely to create a sub-group based on willingness or ability to pay.

I am not shooting the idea down, and I am sure you have considered how this might impact the community feel here, but what are your thoughts on these points? I am interested in supporting the forum as it happens, I just don't want there to be a two tier feel to the forum, as the community spirit is what makes this place special.
Originally Posted by BlueMac View Post
I agree- it might seem as if the paying members might be 'favored'.
Hate to say it, but that is how it is on sites that give the option to pay for a 'Premium Membership' On the site I Admin ( we have a paying club membership, those that are paid members get perks on the site, special deals by some well know company's in our industry.

Also some people just feel the need to help out, $25 a year isn't much, comes out to about $2.08 a month.
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