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Yes, the last poster is correct. I had the same problem (Quite Annoying). I trashed the app plus EVERYTHING associated with it. Note that I have two users on my mac. My user (where initially installed) it was completely gone. The other user, my wife's, still had crap popping up all over the place from Little Snitch. As you did, a spotlght search found NOTHING for little snitch. Very odd. The only place a shell of it was in the top mac menu, although none of the preferences worked for it (because they were long gone). Anyway, here is the absolute solution:

Go to reinstall Little Snitch. Even though it is not, apparently a particle of the original install is somewhere hidden on your system. So, when trying to install, it will notify you that it is already installed. In the same message window, an UNINSTALL button is an option. Click it, confirm that you want to uninstall everything, and bam, the Little Pest is gone for good to digital heaven (or h*ll in this case).
I find it funny that this forum censors the word associated with the opposite of heaven. Is Tipper Gore a moderator?? ha ha.
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