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an assisted opener is classified differently than an auto-opener in the US (autos are actually legal here in AZ and I really want to get one, one handed use in the backcountry can be a benefit). May well be classified differently in Canada or your Province. The difference is an assisted knife you move the blade to open it, rather than hit a button.
Yes, I know they are classified different but am not sure of the reasons for it. I think each state has a different law governing them. I read once that in PA a knife (of certain blade length, although I cannot remember the max) can be carried/concelead as long as it does not contain a spring to open it. Do not know the truth behind that (as I read it on the Internet), but it does seem logical to me. The Kershaw Assisted Opening knives use some type of torsion bar mechanism, do not know if it would be legal to carry in Canada, but it is a very nice feature to have when you need to get your knife open quick, and do not have two hands available!

Here is an explanation of the SpeedSafe Assisted Opening system from Kershaws Site.
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