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So it goes like this: For a while I had XP installed on a 32 gb partition I created with Boot Camp Assistant that I used for playing TF2 and whatnot when I'm not by my gaming machine. The other day, I deleted said partition (also using Boot Camp Assistant) so that I could create a fresh partition and install the Windows 7 beta, which I am in.

Boot Camp Assistant said that it cannot partition my hard drive... :/

So I opened Disk Utility and told it to verify the disk. Everything was going fine until it was about 90% of the way done, and then it started flinging errors everywhere. It even automatically tried repairing the errors, but immediately stopped because the errors weren't reparable.

This is confusing to me because the hard drive is working fine. I'm typing this message from my Macbook Pro no problem and I tried copying a ton of files from my external HDD to this one to see if there was a bad segment on the platter, but I was able to pretty much completely fill the hard drive with usable and accessible data.

Any ideas on what I should do?
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