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AppleisGreat's Manly Jerky Recipe


5Lbs London Broil Steak/Venison Steak

1 Cup Soy Sauce (Kikkoman)
¾ Cup Worchester Sauce (Heinz)
2oz Liquid Smoke (Natural Mesquite Flavor)

¼ Cup Onion Powder
2tbls Garlic Powder
1tbls Chili Powder
1tbls Sugar
1tbls Brown Sugar
1tbls Black Pepper
1tbls Kosher Salt (Non-Iodized)
1tsp Whole Rosemary Seasoning

6whole Fresh Habanera Peppers
5oz Red Hot Sauce

5tbls Dried Cayenne Pepper


1. Prepare meat by cutting into strips ¼” x 1” x 6” (Cut across grain for most tender pieces and stay consistent when cutting for even drying times).
2. Add liquids together and stir.
3. Add spices individually stirring after each one.
4. Cut the stems, leaving the whole pepper in tact, including seeds and then add HOT STUFF (add more or less to liking of taste). Skip this step and continue to step 6 if no spiciness is preferred.
5. Mix ingredients together in a blender until all traces of pepper are gone.
6. Marinate meat strips in Ziploc bags for 24hrs.
7. Place strips of meat onto dehydrator trays being sure they are not touching. (if no dehydrator is present, other drying directions are available online. Results are not the same!)
8. Dehydrate on 155 degrees for 4-10 hours (or until dried to personal preference (refer to individual dehydrator for further instructions)). My rule of thumb is this: Take a piece out and let it cool to room temperature, then attempt to bend it in half. If it bends and doesn't crack, it needs more time, but if it cracks in half, you cooked it too much. If it cracks without breaking, it's just right!
9. About half-way through drying process sprinkle cayenne pepper seasoning (approx. 1tbls per pound) onto meat strips (Skip this step for “Mild” Jerky)
10. Allow jerky to cool to room temperature and refrigerate (or freeze depending on how long it takes to eat small portions) in Ziploc bags.

*edit - this may not be my favorite recipe per se, but definitely my favorite jerky/marinade recipe. The marinade can also be used on any other meat cooked almost any other way (ie: grilled or broiled chicken). Refer to "Man Thread" for pics of done jerky
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