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It sounds like your Network Administrator seems to lack a bit of experience with Macs. I have to agree with everyone that posted above, and it's sad that your Network Admin is a bit narrow minded and then some... :rolleyes:

I'm the only person in our IT department that has a Mac. I can logon to our domain, share files, use any network printers, etc. We use Cisco PIX (firewall) to VPN into our network and all goes well, so yeah, Mac's can coexist in widoze enviroment/domain.

If your Network Admin tells you "no" you can't use a Mac on the network is either because 1. He won't tell his superior he's incompetent about Mac's and tells them some BS reasons why not to have Mac's on the network 2. "maybe" he did some research and realize it may incur too much expense to allow just one user to use their Mac or 3. He just a __________ (you fill in the blanks).

I've installed Virtual PC on my Mac and I wasn't too impressed and among other things. I VPN into our network from home and while I'm on the road a lot and I use Remote Desktop to control one of my workstations. I have one XP and one Win2k, however RD works only on Windows that has Terminal Services installed and running which most Windows Servers has and WinXP. Whenever I VPN in, I'm usually on a fast connection (dsl, cable, etc.), so Remote Desktop is much faster then VPC (this could be a debate to some) in my opinion.

If your Network Admin won't allow you to use your Mac, just tell him to give you VPN access & a network logon. Then you go home, install VPC & Windows and viola, you're all set and don't tell him what you did. When the time is right, break out your Mac show off your new toy and let him see what it can do <grin>.

Oh by the way, I'm a Mac virgin <grin>. I bought my PB a month ago and I love it to death. I could count the ways but I'm sure you don't want to hear it =) Unfortunately, as most companies out there, there's nothing but Windows OS on their desktops. I have 2 workstations at my desk and I don't bring my PB to work, just mostly at home and when I'm on the road. Good luck with your Network Admin and I'd love you to follow up and tell us what was the outcome!
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