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I have the same issue. So I took it apart and saw that its nether a hardware or software issue. Its an acoustic issue.

The speakers are not acoustically placed to create a balanced sound. The right side which is louder has its "subwoofer" located there. Usually subwoofer placement isnt an issue. Anything lower than 150-ish hz isnt ever stereo anyway, its mono. Thats why you can place your home theater sub any where and it doesnt cause an issue with the stereo sound field. But I highly doubt this little woofer gets down to 150hz. I havent looked at the frequency range this has, but maybe this is why the sound is louder on the right side, cause of this "sub" woofer. If sound is being filtered to the sub at a higher frequency like 300hz or more than it will begin to cause the right side to be loader. Does anyone know the frequency range on these speakers?

Why apple did this, I dont know, unless things just got too cramped to create a better placement. Ive have a Bachelors in Recording Technology and have set up a lot of studios and speaker placement and for sound balance Apple did a bad job here. Apple could create a software patch on this laptop that only increases volume on the left side for the on board speakers while leaving the head phones as they are.

But the only problem with increasing volume on one side is that the bass will increase proportionally as the Flecher Munsion curve theory states, so Apple will have to decrease bass proportionally to comply with that. Though since these speakers are so small the bass issue may be irrelevant. Still this kind of a software patch is silly for a bad acoustic design.
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