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Originally Posted by cadsmn
Are you sure you want to go to work for a company that has such narrow minded IT people? To me it sounds like the guy is just lazy and ignorant. I have had no problems getting my PB to talk to the Windows & Novell network at my job at work or from home. Congratulations on the purchase you will be very happy with your PB.
I am sure that I want to work there. It is a part-time job and I get to set my own hours. Everybody seems cool except him. He is definitely lazy and ignorant. During further discussions, he said that they are running PPTP through a Windows client using a Watchguard termination device. I sent him a link to this:

His response was:

"Yes, I have seen this before. We may get lucky, but again it is highly unlikely that [company name omitted] will be willing to front the costs for the experiment with a mac, it will get time consuming as it always does when we try to integrate something new. I will do my best to work with what you give me."

So at least he is willing to try, but unwilling to expand his knowledge base. If I were he, I would look at this as an opportunity to add something to my credentials rather that view it as a pain in the as.
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