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Originally Posted by Aptmunich View Post
Hang on... you're trying to use httpMail, but are paying for a Hotmail plus account?

Isn't the whole point of paying that you get POP access to your mail?

Why don't you try entering the server details exactly as they were given to you and see if they'll work without all the httpMail bits?

Oh and btw: If you're still using Hotmail, I'd encourage anyone that can to switch to a better email provider. Gmail for instance offers free POP and IMAP access and has no ads in your emails.
If that was me you were talking to (ie, not the OP) then I am using the free version of hotmail.

I do have other accounts now such as gmail, just that I have a couple of older hotmail accounts that are still used with certain websites and as a known contact detail for various friends, so I would like to keep those going in the background at least...

Changing the timeout... how do I do this exactly? please do excuse my current lack of knowledge of both httpmail and mac's in general as I am new to both...
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