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HI i know this thread has been inactive for a while but if i know if i post this elsewhere ill get replies saying how i should look before asking rather than replies actually answering my questions, so here it goes,
i have a 30gb ipod (like 4 years old), and my entire library is in it.
a couple of months ago the computer i had all my music on passed. so im now stuck with a four year old ipod as the only backup of my beloved music, and i just feel im against the clock here.

whenever i wanted to transfer something from an ipod to a friends computer i would use idump, which worked great, is there a mac version of it?
if there isnt a mac idump, the OP is from more than a year back, is senuti still valid as a choice? is it up to date? wont it freeze in the middle of the 30gig transfer?

i already did the itunes transfer, but that just transferred the purchases (and lets face it, theyre nothing compared to the amount of music i have)
i have entire discographies which i ripped off of friends CDs and some P2Ping.

i just need someones aproval before i start using senuti, would some1 please give me the aok? or recommend something else? sweet!
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