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I am running into the same problem. I am starting out writing simple console programs using a cocoa project with XCode 2.5 and have been running into the same problem as you have with character variables and "while" looping. Funny thing is that if I do a "while" loop, if I set the "char" variable to 'y' for "yes" outside the loop first (so that it enters), and then use "scanf" inside the "while" loop, it will actually ask me for the letter, but just that first time. If I enter 'y' to do the loop again, it totally blows by the "scanf" the next time and then exits the "while" loop.

Have you figured anything out yet? I used an integer variable instead and used by conditional test with '0' or '1' and it doesn't blow by the "scanf" this way. Only with a character variable.

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