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Assuming iStat Pro would show up in Spotlight, then no, it isn't installed.

Memory usage (idle, except for software update and a few other background programs): Wired, ~213MB; Active, ~531MB; Inactive, ~267MB; Used, ~1013MB; Free (does this refer to real or virtual memory?), ~11MB.

Memory usage (with iPhoto, iTunes, Garage Band, iCal, Comic Life, and iMovie open): Wired, ~233MB; Active, ~515MB; Inactive, ~260; Used, 1012MB; Free, ~12MB.

Memory usage went down with more programs open...? Virtual memory looks clogged, though.

Working on Xslimmer, but it's just the demo, so I don't know how much of an impact 50MB "slimmed" will have on performance.

EDIT: By the way, I should have said before, internet is slow too, but it isn't the network, since it's just this computer.
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