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Just spoken to aol on the phone, I asked about switching to wireless as that is what mac seems to like, plus it's a 'laptop' so it should be mobile. They said I don't need the new wireless plan as I already got aol broadband through my house and that I just need a new wireless router. They couldn't supply me with one though so its something I need to buy myself. I looked on the aol site for supported routers and here's the list of wireless ones:

* Netgear DG834G wireless modem router
* Thomson SpeedTouch 576 wireless modem router
* Thomson SpeedTouch 580 wireless modem router
* Thomson SpeedTouch 585 wireless modem router

I'm not sure which one to get, has anybody had any experiences with these routers to tell me which one works best. I don't know much about internet connecting, so i'm not sure when you get disconnected it's something to do with the router or the broadband coming through to the house.
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