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My mental retardation manifests itself in strange, unpredictable ways (I'm joking... sort of). This time, I seem to have removed one of the black rubber shock-absorbing "bumpers" that are placed on each side of the hard drive to absorb shock upon impact, jolting or shaking of the macbook. This has resulted in my macbook spontaneously freezing or restarting if I say, close it while it's on and put it in my backpack as I move from one place to another in the library, and even sometimes when I inadvertantly nudge it while I am surfing the net in bed with my macbook on my lap.

The bottom line is that I need to either purchase one of these bumpers to replace the one I am missing, or I need to fashion a quality version of my own (not sure how I'd do that, but I imagine it's possible).

Does anybody know either 1) a place that I can purchase one of these bumpers from or 2) a reliable, proven method for fashioning my own bumper?

Thank you so much ahead of time.


BTW, I have a Macbook Core Duo 2.0GHz (v1)
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