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This is my first post and I am hoping that you folks can help me with my dilemma. Recently, I took a job at a company and they require that I provide my own notebook. I will only need to run one Windows application on it and I am convinced that it will run fine, as it is a typical business application and nothing fancy. I have never owned a Mac yet I think I would prefer it based upon using a friend's machine. Last night I ordered a PowerBook G4.

I contacted the company's Network Administrator and he freaked out and said "We cannot have any Macintosh PCs on our network." I called him to discuss this further and he said that he would have to "redesign the network topology [sic] and schema" because Macs are "incompatible" with the network. I pressed further and I believe that he is a typical Windows Admin who is prejudiced against that which he does not understand. The office uses a Windows server and Exchange server and since I will be working from home, I will need to use a VPN. He believes that I will have no ability to access shared drives or the Exchange server. He said that in order to make the Mac "compatible", I would need to connect to a desktop at the office and use Remote Desktop.

It is my understanding that Virtual PC will emulate the physical PC that he wants to set up and I should have no issues with VPN as long as he provides me a login and password with appropriate permissions. Am I correct, or did I just buy a $3000 desk accessory?

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