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Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
Sort of the same opinion as cwa. We were both Windows guys that got our first Mac at about the same time a couple of years ago. Don't really think the Mini is worth it just for testing the waters.

As long as you start out realizing this is a new OS where you'll need to learn how to use it and not trying to bring all of your Windows habits over, you'll be convinced as many of us other old timers that OS X is a pretty slick OS.

If you're definitely going to move it into an HTPC setup, in that case it may be worth while. Have had plans to do this for awhile myself, but don't see the existing Mini having enough power for my money. If the new Mini has at least a 2.3 Ghz in it, probably will be adding it to my set up just to avoid having to connect my MBP to it.

One thing of note: When I bought my MBP, my Win rig was set up with a 32" and a 21" screen in my office. Had 5.1 sound on it, a tuner card with my satellite with HD run to it, a 360 connected to it and with a nice big comfy chair, wireless keyboard in my lap, mouse on the arm, and feet propped up on the desk. (Needless to say, the wife and I were 'always' at opposite sides of the house.)

No more. My recliner in front of the 65" is much more comfortable and that's where I use my computer. The 32" in the office has been sold and I have not sat back there to use a computer in 2008. Almost can't see myself going back to a desk set up. (And my wife and I get to see each other now.)

This may change when I see the new i7 chips make it to the iMacs. There are a couple things where it'd be nice to have a little more processing power and a bigger screen.
I hear ya. I wouldn't consider the current mini, so my assumptions are based off the new one, if those specs are not up to par then I wont even consider it.

The one thing is I work from home most of the time and I keep myself in my office when I do because I have the attention span of a fly so if I were to go to the Home Theater room I would get nothing done lol.
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