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Here is my situation. I have used several apple products over the years, from the ipod's (several generations) to the iphone and apple tv but I have never owned a Mac. (oh I do have a timeport on the way though gift from a friend since my router is on the way out).

Mostly because back in the day I used to program on PC and never did to much with music, graphics or video until the last few years.

Its not that I havent wanted to buy a Mac, but I usually just build my PC's so it was simple and cheap to upgrade.

Now here is why I am asking about the Mac Mini (I am assuming the new Mac Mini with the upgraded processor and mini display port thats rumored). I am not doing anything right now that really needs a lot of processing power. I play around with music, photoshop and some video, but I am not doing anything high tech its just me messing around.

The specs of the new Mac Mini will be slightly more powerful (top model) then my current XP desktop which is about a year old. The Harddrive will probably be smaller but with the timeport I am not worried about that.

Now here is the reason I am thinking mini, I really want to get a Mac Book Pro, but first I want to learn the OSX. For the price of a Mac Mini I can get that new 24" Cinema Display and be still be cheaper then a full boat MBP.

I figure I use it for a little bit then somewhere in the summer pick up the MBP move the mini into my home theater setup or somewhere else, but still have a nice setup for the MBP when I am sitting at my main desk and using the full keyboard and mouse.

So does this sound like a good idea or just a waste of money. I am going to buy the display anyway since I do spend a lot of time at my desk and like a bigger screen and full keyboard.

So basically is spending $699 (actually cheaper since I get a corp discount) on a Mac Mini to get me into the mac world worth it.
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