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Your Macbook might still be under a warranty, not apple but through your credit card. I charge everything on either my AMEX and VISA and pay it off in full each month. Both my AMEX (Costco) and Visa double the warranty on anything I own up to an additional year for free. I bought a digital camera with a one year warranty, when the flash stopped working I called Visa. They told me to go get a repair estimate and fax them the estimate to. The camera cost $225 and to repair the estimate was $200. I faxed it in and they offered me the $200 repair estimate credited back on my card. I took them up on the offer and I was able to buy a better camera for the $200 at Costco using one of their coupons. So, if you charged your purchase of your Macbook you should contact them and determine if they will cover the repairs. I've used this two times now, digital camera and a Linksys router that developed a short. They didn't even ask for an estimate and just refunded my $110 for the router. Even crazier is they let me keep the digital camera, works great in the day just no flash at night so it's good for day hiking trips etc.
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