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Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
To the OP, do have it checked. That does not sound very good and I feel that chscag is on the right track as to what happened.
I agree completely. I would also like ot add, that ANYTIME any electronics smoke... or burn.. you should STOP using them right away. At least until you have it checked out. The risk of it catching on fire later on is too great.

Just 2 months ago, a regular client of mine noticed some smoke coming from his power supply in his tower. He turned off the computer and looked everything over. It seemed ok, so he powered it back on. All was working fine, so he decided to continue using it. That weekend he left town with his wife for a couple days. On Saturday night, they received a call.. Their house had burnt to the ground. The computer was later determined to be the culprit.

Moral of the story, never EVER trust electronics that have smoked. $200 today, could save you THOUSANDS tomorrow.
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