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Excuse me for being excited, but as a struggling author….
I sent a 2 year old dell laptop (worth about $500) in for repair under warranty. DELL LOST IT! After 3 weeks of endless phone calls to Dell reps in India, Dell sent me a top of the line “moby ****” size gaming laptop. Vista ended up being such a pain and the laptop so big I sold it for $1500 on ebay and bought a 17” Dell Studio laptop (actually not a bad laptop)—but vista was so ugly and slow I promptly sold it for $1000 on ebay and bought a macbook pro 2.4 17” hi res with leopard for $1500 (but got $200 back with So I paid $1300 for it…but then I started drooling over a 3 month old 17” hi res macbook pro 2.6 200gb 7200rpm 4gb ram with warranty thru 8/2011(came with an extra battery, a new latop case and an aluminum laptop bench!) Bought it on ebay $1811 shipped (minus $144 discount!). Promptly sold the 2.4 locally for $1600) So I paid $1667 for the Macbook pro laptop! And basically Dell and Microsoft ($348 from paid for it! And enough left over to buy mac office 2008, and macspeech 2008.
And this macbook pro is so beautiful and fast…. This is the first apple I have ever owned! I also invested in the Apple Genius program for $99…a 1 to 1 hour appt each week for a year!
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