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Oh lawd...I'm at a hotel in Virginia right now and boy do I already have stories involved with DRAMA...SURPRISED?

So I'm about 100 miles away from where I lived in Florida and I notice this HORRID grinding sound coming from underneath my car...Oh guess what it was? Yep my whole exhaust was dragging...

I pulled into a Home Depot and looked for a cheap sawsall...HAH HAH HAHHHH...The cheapest one they had was for $170 because they were all out of the other ones...Seeing no other option and running the risk of getting a ticket just trying to find a shop, I bought it.
Hey I can just return it when I'm done right?

Well..I'm up at the front of Home Depot underneath my Jag sawing my exhaust to the point that now she only has a head-pipe...Yeah it's LOUD...

Well I went back in the store to return it, and they said they wouldn't give me cash, so they gave me STORE CREDIT....

I shrug it off and continue to drive (Mind you I left the catalytic converter just chillin in the Home Depot parking it was worthless anyways..)
and then it just hits me: I'm not going to have enough money to make it home! I start having one of the worst anxiety attacks in my life, and on top of that at this point I had just entered Georgia and I was BAWLING my eyes out. It also hit me that I can't live without being around my father.
3 Thoughts pop into my mind:
1. My mom and I have the same bank. All she has to do is make a cash deposit for me in my bank account and presto I have the money.
2. My dad isn't going to live forever. My emotional dependency on him is highly irrational.
3. Once I graduate College up North, I can always move back down to FL and this time I WILL have a job.

But wait there's more:
So I get this crafty idea that "Hey let me buy something for $200 and then return it so I get cash!"
After screwing up 3 times trying to get something for $200, I walk around to the other side for returns and they hand me back $30 in cash and ANOTHER $170 for credit...UGH.

A couple of minutes ago I just had the last cigarette out of the last pack my dad gave me and I completely lost it...I mean I still have tears in my eyes....What in the world is wrong with me?

Yes my name is Jaguar.
No, it is not a joke.
I don't find your "I'm a cheetah." joke funny.
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