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1st gen MacBook:
Bought Leopard upgrade DVD today.
Put it in, chose upgrade, came to "checking DVD integrity" or whatever it is, thinking "ah shucks it's a new DVD what the heck, skip". And what do you know, it comes to a read error some way down the line.
Repeat the process, this time with checking the disk, detects a fault with disk.
Can't get the disk out: Disk Tools wont let me eject it, Option-ALT-F-O doesn't do anything, chosing "select startup disk" to my old MacOS installation simply results in spinning wheel, which is where I'm stuck now. So in brief, I can't boot from HD, I can't boot from DVD anymore because it now always boots from HD. I can't get the disk out, AND my trackpad mouse button is broken, so can't keep that pressed either. Have a USB mouse, but keeping the mouse button pressed doesn't do anything.

Tricky one, eh?

Got any suggestions? Would really love for Apple to stay out of this one!

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