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Im using the 2Ghz Core Duo macbook, one of the originals and while I'm using it, it just seems to stop as soon as it gets to 65 or above, well it doesn't just stop its as if im using the OS as a frame by frame slideshow or if you've ever seen a game run at 1 FPS then that is what OSX turns into. Using Menutemperature it also seems that when it reaches this temperature it gets stuck at 2Ghz and wont clock down to help cool itself off, the fans dont help either by the time that the lag and slowdown occurs the fans have only just slowly started to speed up. It happens when im just using my computer normally and goes over 65 (Video Chat on Skype, Playing Music, Playing a bit of Halo or anything CPU intensive) My friends Macbooks don't have any of these problems and their Macbooks easily get over 70 without any lag but manage to cool themselves off.

Any Help on this problems would be fantastic!

Thanks so Much
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