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Originally Posted by CrimsonRequiem View Post
I'm not saying that you can't say whatever you want
Your comment could be construed as such.

Originally Posted by CrimsonRequiem View Post
but it really sounds mean spirited and like you are flamming him.
The guy wanted to prove that Apple is garbage and that his "suspicions about Apple are confirmed". He had no intention of looking at things from an objective point of view and realizing that not just Apple machines can sometimes be a dud. He even said that he held back his "I told you so's" so as not to further hurt his daughter's feelings.......but you know he wanted to say it.

It's hard to feel sympathetic for people who will only be happy watching something fail to support their own ideals. Then to say that he's not looking forward to dealing with the "Apple Shop" to get a replacement......he's got no desire to have a working Apple laptop in his daughter's possession. He wants this to be a lesson to her that you shouldn't buy Apple and god only knows why.