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I insert the disc, the mac makes the usual "crunch" noises, but then after that, it makes, some weird like "MMMMMM" noises first in 1 pitch then in a slightly higher pitch, then back to the other one. After that it ejects it automatically. I've tried with multiple CD's and DVD's. And it doesn't say nothing on the screen about an error or nothing. I hope some one can help!

Edit: This is kinda odd. I found this post

Macbook wont read CD

And the weird thing is that the first time this happened was when I installed or just finished installing parrallels. Somthing tells me it might of been before I installed XP though, since I ran it through ISO. I'm not sure though, so don't leave it out of the question. Could it be somthing to do with parrallels?
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