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Below's an email I just sent to Apple feedback. What do people think? I'd like to get discussion going about the ethics of Apple manufacturing all its computers overseas then selling them in the US.

Please communicate to the decisionmakers at Apple:
As you can see by the free-fall of the American economy, the trade deficit really is a very important factor in the impoverishment of the American consumer. I do not get excited anymore about buying another mac because I know that it's made in China or Taiwan. That means that the majority of my money spent on a mac goes overseas and doesn't come back to the American consumer in the form of wages. I would have gotten another macbook this year, but I'd rather not. I feel no loyalty to Apple since Apple seems to have no loyalty to America. If Apple were to start assembling computers in the US and promoting that, at least for American consumers, you might really start to see a spike in Apple's popularity here despite the downtrend in the economy.
For instance, I used to buy furniture from I don't want to buy from them anymore - it's all imported. Instead, I'm either saving my money or buying from locally produced furniture makes. Let Apple take this is a cue. Our new president is going to be coming down hard on manufacturers that outsource - just wait and see. Apple could find itself slapped with some mighty tariffs that will make it wish it had taken my advice.