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The recent post by an upcoming convert got me thinking: Everyone seems to be using various different browsers for all sorts of reasons. Figuring out what browser to use was a big deal for me when I was switching. I'd like to know out of curiosity who uses what and why, and see how everyone rates each browser and compares the pros and cons. Some people may even find out about browsers they never knew about. I'll start. I personally use Camino, Mozilla's native Mac OS X browser, for several reasons. The first and biggest is Gecko. It's currently the best rendering engine for Mac IMO. Some say Omniweb's is better, but it costs money, so I don't really feel like paying for a program that I'm not even sure about. The other significant one is all about interface. The reason I stopped using Firefox is put best by Jasper Hauser, a programmer for the Camino project: "Whenever I'm using Firefox for Mac, I get the feeling that I'm using an application that's pretending really hard to be a native Mac application. It's like driving a cheap car. Firefox will always be a Windows browser that ALSO supports Mac." Camino is cocoa. It's entirely native. Its interface is beautifully integrated into OS X. You use the keychain and everything. You can even go in with interface builder if you have it (or Camino ExtraPrefs, a small download with some great features) and change the window to textured, like Safari. You can download Camino icon sets to change the appearance of it, much like themes in Firefox. The downside is it has a few minor bugs here and there (the only one that really bugs me is this thing where typing in text boxes is slow after awhile if you're a really fast typer), but it's really stable for the most part. It also obviously does not have the extensions that Firefox and Mozilla do. So, that's my two cents. How 'bout yours?

Edit: For the record, since most people probably haven't heard of it, Shiira is a Japanese-made, very very fast webkit-based browser.

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