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Originally Posted by skye View Post
Psh, you don't need a 700W.

I have an 8600 and it runs fine on my 450W. The only difference between the 8600 and the 9600 is that the 9600 actually is better on power consumption.

I would stick with your current PSU and only upgrade if it doesn't work, which i think it will.
Your computer may be running "fine" on 450W, But your PS is extremely over taxed. Now, the difference in survival and sinkage, in such a case is the quality of your power supply. If you have a cheapo generic PS, chances are the extra strain you are putting on it will likely burn it out eventually and MAY take other component with it, or you may see system instability. Now if you have a higher end PS, like a Thermal Take or something along those lines, then sure you will be fine over taxing it. But just because it runs "fine" does not mean it is fine.

I have built, fixed and managed PCs for around 20 years and I build just about every high end gaming rig that this county sees. So while you may or may not agree with me, I do know what I am talking about You really SHOULD have a bigger power supply. You gear will run better, longer and safer.
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